What are Permalinks in WordPress and how its work?

What are Permalinks in WordPress and how its work?

WordPress Permalinks

WordPress Permalinks are the permanent URLs that point to specific pages and posts on a WordPress website. They are what users and search engines use to navigate and access content on your site.

The default permalinks structure in WordPress includes numeric identifiers which might be not most user friendly or SEO friendly. Example: Default permalinks might looks like this: “https://yoursite.com/?=123”.

This structure doesn’t convey much information about the content of pages or posts.

WordPress offers the flexibitlity to customize permalinks to make them more readable, descriptive, and optimized for search engines. This customization can be done through the permalinks settings in the WordPress dashboard

Here are some common permalinks structures you can choose from:

What are Permalinks in WordPress and how its work?

Plain:This structure includes the default
query parameters, such as `https://yoursite.com/?p=123`.
It’s not very user-friendly or SEO-friendly.

Day and name:This structure includes the publication
date and post name, like `https://yoursite.com/2024/02/29/sample-post/`.
It provides some context but can result in lengthy URLs.

Month and name:Similar to the day and name structure,
but only includes the month and post name, like `https://yoursite.com/2024/02/sample-post/`.

Numeric: This structure uses only the post ID, like `https://yoursite.com/archives/123`.

Post name: This structure includes only the post name,
making the URL concise and descriptive, such as `https://yoursite.com/sample-post/`.

Custom structure: You can create your own custom permalink
structure using placeholders for different elements like year,
month, day, post name, category, and more.

Choosing the right permalink structure depends on your
website content and SEO strategy. In general, shorter,
descriptive URLs are preferred as they are easier for users
to remember and share, and they tend to perform better in
search engine rankings.

Once you’ve chosen a permalink structure, WordPress
automatically generates the appropriate URLs for your
pages and posts based on that structure. It also
handles redirects from old permalinks to new ones
to ensure that visitors and search engines can
still access your content seamlessly, even if
and the URL structure changes.

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