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How to make money using AI in 2024

Want to Make to Money with AI

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Are you looking for bright enough AI to help you make money and return inflation in 2024? The answer is yes, AI! The great news is that AI is not limited in capabilities. Earning passive income, launching side hustles, and even starting from scratch are not only possible but much more accessible. It gives you worse ways to make money online than ever before. So How? AI Helps You Make Money Online In Two Methods: Assist that extra money. For example, if you are a blogger and already have one job that is not passive, is writing a blog? If so, that is not good for your health and society. You can use AI to help you develop a blog idea and suggest new ways to reach the appropriate audience.

Second, you can use AI to generate entirely new sources of income—whether they are side hustles or fully-fledged start-up ideas and business plans.

Below, let’s focus on both usages of AI for making money—generating previously unheard-of business ideas and complementing existing side hustles.

  • Create an AI Chatbot
  • Use AI For Course Creations
  • Develop your Own AI product
  • Ai Consulting
  • Use AI on Canva


Make Money by Creating an AI Chatbot

If you have good programming and coding skills, you might be able to make money by specializing in developing bespoke chatbots for businesses to be used as part of their internal processes (i.e., for knowledge sharing for employees) or externally for sales and customer service. You can promote yourself as a freelance chatbot developer on platforms such as Fiverr and showcase samples of your work, along with proof of ROI or substantial impact.

Use AI For Course Creations

Developing online courses is a great way to make money as a side hustle, but it’s even better when you use AI to help accelerate the process. You can use various AI and algorithm-based tools for the market research phase of developing the course content (such as Exploding Topics) to ensure it resonates with your audience.

Some generative AI tools can help you plan the entire outline and structure of the content, complete with discussion questions and activities.

You can also use tools such as Quizgecko AI to generate course assessments within minutes without having to create tests and quizzes manually.

Develop Your Own AI Product

Cash in on AI by developing your solution to solve a market need and selling it. You can use readily available APIs, such as Amazon Web Services’ AI services, which help you create your app or add AI features to an existing product, or OpenAI’s API.

AI Consulting

As the technology is relatively new, businesses are still struggling (or simply haven’t made it their priority yet) to integrate and implement artificial intelligence. If well-versed in this field, you could market yourself as an AI consultant and customize your services and integration solutions to meet the company’s specific needs.

Us AI on Canva

If you have a side hustle within digital or social media marketing and you design the graphics for social media, websites, and advertisements, you may find your work cut short and the creative process much easier by using Canva’s design tools such as their Magic Design, or their Image Generator which is powered by DALL-E by OpenAI, and Imagen from Google Cloud.

make money with AI chatbot

These are just a few of the ways AI can be used to help you make money online. No doubt, as artificial intelligence improves and continues to expand in its capabilities, you will discover more amazing ideas with which you can capitalize and leverage the technology to boost your career, side hustles, and financial growth.

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