How to Insert Media in WordPress

How to Insert Media in WordPress

Insert Media In WordPress

In this blog, we will learn how to Insert Media in WordPress. Media files can be inserted into your Pages or Posts from libraries, from local storage, or from URLs.

Following are the steps to Insert Media in WordPress.

Step 1: Click on Posts Add New in WordPress.

How to insert Media in WordPress

Step 2:Click on the left side plus button and cursor hover on the Media. you want to insert in your post.


Step 3: You can select the files from the Media tabs as shown in following screenshot.

How to select file for inserting as media

Information about the select media files will be displayed on the right side of the screen under the Attachment Details. Click on the Insert Post button, the image will be inserted into the post. In the Attachment Details section, you will find information about the image such as URLs, Title, Captions, Alt Text, and Description you can also insert an image directly from your system by clicking on the Upload Files tab. Click on Insert  into Post button

upload files into media wordpress

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