Create Donation Form In WordPress

How to Create a Donation Form in WordPress

Do you want to create a donation Form in WordPress?

WordPress plugins allow you to easily accept donations on your website from visitors or some others. That way, your organization can gain consistent funding to help with budget planning and execution long long-term projects.

In this article, we will see how to create a donation form in WordPress.

Why Need a Donation Form in WordPress?

Donations are contributions made by donors regularly to support a non-profit or cause.

Instead of a one-time donation, supporters option to set up automatic payments at specific intervals, like weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

When running a nonprofit organization, your donors are the heart and soul of your cause. One-time contributions are great, but they might not give you the predictable funding source you need.

Donations provide a reliable income to stream so that you can better budget and allocate financial resources. 

It’s a good way to gamify contributions as well. For example, you could create a membership site using a plugin like MemberPress. The more donors contribute, the better rewards they can earn. You could add a leaderboard, and the tip contributor becomes your VIP guest at events and receives extra recognition or other perks.

Now start creating a Donation Form in WordPress:

Creating a Donation Form in WordPress with WPForms

WPForms is the best WordPress Plugin from a builder with 1500+ templates, including a variety of donation forms. You can also use WPForms to Accept donations. 

It’s a good method if you need to also create other forms, such as contact forms, opinion forms, multi-page forms user registration forms, surveys, and polls, etc.

Connect WPForms to strip

To begin, download the WPForms plugin and install it. Upon activation, go ahead and WPForms and then Click on Settings. Then head over to the Payment tab. 

The default currency is configured to US dollars; however, you can change it to any currency if you’d like. the scroll down and click the Connect with Strip’ button. This allows you to connect WPForms to your Strip account to collect credit card payments.

how to create a donation form in WordPress

From here, you’ll need to enter your email address or create a new strip account.

Make sure to follow the instructions laid out in the Stripe Connect setup wizard to finish the process.

donation form in WordPress with WpForms

After you’ve gone through the process, you’ll be sent back to the WPForms setting page in Your WordPress Dashboard.

In the payment tab, you’ll see a green checkmark indicating that the stripe is connected to WPForms.

donation form in WordPress

Your strip account is connected, and you’re ready to start building your donation form.

Create a Donation Form

Go to WPForms and then Click the Add New button. This takes you over the drag-and-drop editor to build your new form.

Go ahead and enter a name for your form so that you can keep track of it should have to make edits in the future.

Add new donation form in WordPress

Then search and select the Variable Donation Form template. There are other donation form templates you can also use, so you might want to experiment with them to see which is right for you.

Click on the Use Template;

Donation Form template

Now, you can customize the form and add any additional fields that make sense for your donations page.

You can edit any existing field by clicking on the element and then making the changes under the “Field Options” tab.

Strip form setting

Since you’re automatically charging donors’ credit cards, you probably want to make it crystal clear that you’ll be taking donation payments.

Strip descriptions

You can also go to the Add Fields tab to add any additional fields that aren’t already in the donation form template.

Enable Donation Payments

Next step, head over the Payment and then click on the Strip tab. Then, turn on the option to Enable recurring subscription payments.

Recurring payment enable

Once activated, you’ll have more options appear. You’ll be able to edit the plan Name, which is a title that appears in your stripe transactions.

Also, you can edit the Recurring Period. This is how often the credit card will be charged for recurring donations. In the drop-down menu, select the periods available, such as daily weekly monthly quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Once that is done, all you have to do is add the form to any WordPress page. Click the Save button at the top to save all the changes you’ve made. 

Then click on the embed button.

Assuming you already have a donations page, you can choose “Select Existing Page” and pick the page you want to add the form to.

But if you don’t have one, click on the “Create New Page button.

embed in a page of donation form in WordPress

Now that you’re on the page, click on the plus icon.

 Then add the WPForms block to the page.

how to create a Donation page

From here, select the donation form you’ve just created with WPForms.

Then click on the Publish button.

Lastly, go ahead and preview the page to make sure that everything looks good.

Also, check that you can accept your strip account.

Donation Form Page

On the WPForms payments page, you’ll be able to see all of the total payments, sales, and subscriptions you’ve received.

That way, you can track the performance of your donation form.

payment dashboard

I hope this article helped you learn how to create a donation form in WordPress. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to my YouTube channel for the WordPress Video Tutorial. 

If want to create a Donation form in some way then this article is just for you.

How to create a donation Form in WordPress

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