What are Permalinks in WordPress and how its work?

WordPress Permalinks WordPress Permalinks are the permanent URLs that point to specific pages and posts on a WordPress website. They are what users and search engines use to navigate and access content on your site. The default permalinks structure in WordPress includes numeric identifiers which might be not most user friendly or SEO friendly. Example: […]


The obstacles mentioned in starting a business are false ideas. If the business is started under proper research and planning, there is a positive change in economic conditions and a 100% chance of success in business and thus every person or person can succeed like a successful business person under the procedure. Most people impose

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Google Maps

Google is rolling out an experimental feature in Google Maps that leverages AI to assist users in finding nearby local companies. Exploration of AI Driven The new tool analyzes the Google Maps database of over two hundred fifty million place ratings, reviews, images, and other data using big language models. Google Maps will offer tailored

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In this blog, we will study about General Setting in wordpress. WordPress general setting is used to set the basic configurations setting for your site. In the setting administration screen, it is default setting screen. Following are the steps to acces the general setting: Step(1): Click on setting->General option in wordpress Step(2): The General Setting page is displayed

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System requirments for installing wordpress Database: MySQL  Web server: WAMP (windows), LAMP (Linux), XAMP(Multi platforms), MAMP(Macintosh) Operating System: Cross platform Browser Support: Internet Explore updated, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera PHP Compatibility: PHP 5.2 Download WordPress When you open the link download WordPress then  you will get to see a screen as the following image: